Useful Links

Local Astronomy Weather Forecasts

These sites are focused on night sky conditions in or near Lancaster County

What’s Happening in the Sky

There are many fine web sites that cover a wide array of subjects but the one we find most useful as a starting point is Sky and Telescope. This is both a magazine and a web site published by the American Astronomical Society, which is an organization of professional astronomers in the USA.

All about telescopes

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Where to observe

If you are a beginner, become familiar with the night sky from your backyard, a nearby park or athletic field – anywhere that has a decent horizon. You can see all the bright objects and learn how the sky works.

Once you become familiar with the night sky (which changes monthly) you can progress to a darker site. One favorite is the Sparrow Point parking lot in the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in the north end of the county.

Finally, you can make the pilgrimage to Cherry Springs State Park in Potter County. This is a dedicated astronomy park about 200 miles north from Lancaster County and it’s one of the darkest sites in the east coast.

 When to Observe

For bright objects such as stars and planets, any clear night will do…